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Analyzing and Copying an Art Style with Esben Rasmussen

Live Demonstrations

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Editor’s note: This video is a CTN “Best of the Web” pick originally posted on Dec 12, 2020.   Learn one method for how to analyze and apply another artist’s st...

Walt's Imagination by John Pomeroy


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Take a look behind the scenes of John Pomeroy's upcoming book "Walt's Imagination - The Life of Walt Disney"....

An Evening with American Film Director: Kevin Lima


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Meet the American Film Director Kevin Lima. Currently directing for DreamWorks Animation after successfully transitioning from Walt Disney animated feature films where he directed the award winning...

CTN Talks with
David Colman


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A CTN Interview with David Colman...

Storyboarding and Character Design with Special Guests CHEYENNE CURTIS and ASHLYN ANSTEE

Cartoon Crash Course

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Sponsored by CTN   Originally recorded as a LIVE Zoom Meeting July 22, 2020   Interested in storyboarding and/or character designing for cartoons? This Q&A/Talk will b...

Glen Keane sharing tips for character animation


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Editor’s note: This video is a CTN “Best of the Web” pick originally posted on October 30, 2014.   Legendary animator Glen Keane demonstrates tips and advice for char...

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The Spark of Life

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A Bi-Weekly Explorative Conversational Series with Legendary Animator, Director, and Storyteller Jerry Rees.  ...

Study with Glenn Vilppu

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    Glenn Vilppu is an internationally renowned draftsman, painter, and instructor whose books and DVDs are used by universities, art schools and independent students around the w...

Ronald Searle

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    Ronald Searle was a British artist widely recognized for his watercolors and satirical cartoons. Often depicting contemporary and historical culture, his works exhibit a uniqu...

Jean Giraud Moebius

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    Jean Henri Gaston Giraud 8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012 was a French artist, cartoonist and writer who worked in the Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées (BD) tradition. G...

Primary Sources

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  Primary Source (pry-mer-ee sorhs) - adjective / noun:  First-hand accounts of a subject or experience from those who had a direct impact with it.   Join award-wi...

CTNX 2021

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  Celebrating 13 years in Burbank and annually attracting more than 10,000 animation professionals, fans, and entertainment studios, CTNX 2021 is was a post COVID-19 weekend in-person, onl...