Voiceover the Right Way for Animation

CTNX 2020

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Want GOOD voice over for your project? Stephen Weese, director, producer, and voice actor explains the process of writing dialog, casting, recording, and editing voiceover for your projects to make...

Voice Acting Fundamentals and Secrets, Technical Expertise

Voice Acting Fundamentals and Secrets

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Originally recorded from a LIVE Zoom Meeting: September 23, 2020, 12 pm - 2 pm PDT   Professional VO scripts have their own secret language and codes that as a voice actor, you are...

Voice Acting for Cartoons with Special Guest ERIC BAUZA

Cartoon Crash Course

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Originally recorded from a LIVE Zoom Meeting: August 5, 2020, 4 pm - 6 pm PDT   A Q&A/Talk for voice acting in animation, how to work at becoming a voice actor, and the process...

Dynamic Dialogue Pilar Alessandra


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Learn quick and effective writing techniques to revive bland exchanges, tune up character voices, create relationship tension and bring life to the page....

The Elements of Charm and Wonder: What is it, Why is it so important?


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Andreas Deja shares his insight into the world of "Charm and Wonder" and brings an extra special Surprise Guest!! Who can this be????...