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A Conversation with Matt Doering


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CTN sits down with Character designer Matt Doering....

CTN Presents Robert Ball Designer


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CTN Presents Robert Ball Designer...

Image composition in
Assassin's Creed


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In open world video game, a real challenge for an art director is to be able to create strong visuals and an immersive experience... Without a full control on the camera, without knowing  the ...

Indy Studio Owners


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Panel discussion with Indy studio owners. Moderated by Phillip Williams. The production model has changed in the past 10-15 years. The inclusion of downsizing and outsourcing by the large productio...

Blizzard Storyboarding Q&A

CTNX 2020

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Blizzard answers some live Q&A about storyboarding  ...

Blizzard's Living Illustrations Live Q&A

CTNX 2020

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Blizzard answers live questions about their story cinematics panel...

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Master Drawing Japan

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Master Drawing Japan is an art institution dedicated to providing intensive art masterclasses with internationally renown industry professionals in the graphic arts....

Character Driven with Coran Kizer Stone

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Step into the studio of Coran "Kizer" Stone to watch him draw, and listen to him describe the process of creating character designs. CORAN "KIZER" STONE  is a Characte...

CTNX 2021

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  Celebrating 13 years in Burbank and annually attracting more than 10,000 animation professionals, fans, and entertainment studios, CTNX 2021 is was a post COVID-19 weekend in-person, onl...

A Deep Dive into and Around the Edges of CG

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Are you interested in creating CG content? Are you wondering what kind of roles a CG artist plays in video games, films and animation and where you could fit in? Want to know about the latest tools...

Live Demonstrations

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  Watching how other artists create their work is a wonderful way to absorb the knowledge and inspiration....

Ronald Searle

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    Ronald Searle was a British artist widely recognized for his watercolors and satirical cartoons. Often depicting contemporary and historical culture, his works exhibit a uniqu...