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The Genesis of The Little Prince Followed by the Stop Motion Creators


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A casual discussion was had between director Mark Osborne and stop-motion Creative Director Jamie Caliri at CTNX 2012 regarding the idea of telling the story of The Little Prince as a stop motion f...

Tonko School House #09 Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo's Schoolism Feedback

Tonko House

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Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo giving out their feedback on their Schoolism students assignments....

A Conversation with Claire Wendling


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CTN sits down with Illustrator Claire Wendling....

Little Screens on the Big Stage: The 5 Directors of Spotlight Stories


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Spotlight Stories are part of Google’s Advanced Technology Projects (ATP), and aim to “blend world-class artistry with innovative rendering and interaction technology for mobile to crea...

The Search For Authenticity


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Cultivating an authentic voice is not only our best chance at a fulfilling creative journey, but it also increases our chances of connecting with an audience by cutting through the tsunami of noise...

Creative Storytelling

Brainstorm School

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Learn how artists from Marvel, Pixar, & Disney capture such powerful story moments in their images....

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Knowledge Hub

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Breaking Through

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    BRIAN MAINOLFI has been working in Hollywood for 28 years, for nearly every studio in town. He started as assistant to legendary director Chuck Jones, and has worked at Walt D...


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    Let ideas be your roadmap. ...

Glenn Vilppu The Drawing Guy

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    Glenn Vilppu is an internationally renowned draftsman, painter, and instructor whose books and DVDs are used by universities, art schools and independent students around the w...


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    The catalyst for talent and the annual meeting of the Creative Talent Network membership is open to the public.  CTN is located in Burbank CA, the only city on the planet...

Ronald Searle

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    Ronald Searle was a British artist widely recognized for his watercolors and satirical cartoons. Often depicting contemporary and historical culture, his works exhibit a uniqu...