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Primary Sources, Jinko Gotoh

Primary Sources

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Originally recorded from a LIVE Zoom Meeting: August 18, 2020, 11 am - 1 pm PDT   Join award-winning author and historian, Mindy Johnson as she brings leading talent, authorities a...

The Relevance of Mime in Animation


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Lecture: Lorin Eric Salm, creator of Character Movement for Animation, a series of workshops using concepts and techniques from the art of Theatrical Mime to expand animators’ insight into th...

CTN Presents Iain McCaig Concept Artist


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CTN Presents Iain McCaig Concept Artist...

Indy Studio Owners


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Panel discussion with Indy studio owners. Moderated by Phillip Williams. The production model has changed in the past 10-15 years. The inclusion of downsizing and outsourcing by the large productio...

Wacom Create More | Designer Robert Hranitzky Interview

Wacom Channel

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For Robert Hranitzky, every art project is worth getting engrossed in As a freelance creative director and designer based in Munich, Germany, Robert Hranitzky places a strong focus on motion gr...

Breaking Through, Primetime TV: Feature vs. Television

Breaking Through

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Originally recorded from a LIVE Zoom Meeting: July 30, 2020, 12 pm - 2 pm PDT   Story artists must be masters at every aspect of animation and film. But different projects require ...

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Flourish with Casey Robin: Make a Living With Your Art

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We all dream of making a living in art – so why does it seem so daunting? If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to “make it,” you’re in good company. Most indu...

Study with Glenn Vilppu

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    Glenn Vilppu is an internationally renowned draftsman, painter, and instructor whose books and DVDs are used by universities, art schools and independent students around the w...

Syd Mead

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    Sydney Jay Mead (July 18, 1933 – December 30, 2019) was an American industrial designer and neofuturistic concept artist, widely known for his designs for science-fictio...

Inside the Animators Studio

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    With Legenday Animator and Director James Lopez Artists learn from artists and animators learn from other animators. And animator is different than a development artist, o...

Tools and Tips

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  Watching how other artists use their tools to create their work is a wonderful way to absorb the particular knowledge and inspiration first hand.  Learn how artists create their art...


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    Conceived and launched in 2004 by 30-year animation professional and award winning animator Tina Price. CTN stands as the seminal international community for the worlds leadin...