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Primary Sources, With Award-Winning Director Sergio Pablos

Primary Sources

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Originally recorded from a LIVE Zoom Meeting: July 14, 2020, 11 am - 1 pm PDT   Join award-winning author and historian, Mindy Johnson as she brings leading talent, authorities and...

Episode 2 - Layout (part 2) | Gigglebug Behind the Scenes


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We met Gigglebug Enternainment team in Finland! They show you how they have been creating the season 2 of Gigglebug animated series. We talked about the storyboard process, now it is time to show y...

Make BEAUTIFUL Characters using a FREE APP (Blender)


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Editor’s note: This video is a CTN “Best of the Web” pick originally posted on July 22, 2021.   Danny goes over how make 3d characters using the free app Blender. ...

Tonko School House #04: Dice Tsutsumi's Painting Demo

Tonko House

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Dice Tsutsumi Painting Demo...

John Mackey as Stan Laurel

On Model

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Join us for 2 hours of character sketching from a live model. Get inside the character. Analysis drawing and translating what you see to what you design.    As artists, we are cre...

Kim Jung Gi Book Signing 2017


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Kim Jung Gi Book Signing. June 16, 2017...

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CTNX 2021

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  Celebrating 13 years in Burbank and annually attracting more than 10,000 animation professionals, fans, and entertainment studios, CTNX 2021 is was a post COVID-19 weekend in-person, onl...

Taught By A Pro

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    Taught By A Pro (.com) presents the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast.   Hosted by twin brothers, Tom and Tony Bancroft, who are former Disney animators and directo...

Flourish with Casey Robin: Make a Living With Your Art

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We all dream of making a living in art – so why does it seem so daunting? If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to “make it,” you’re in good company. Most indu...

Ronald Searle

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    Ronald Searle was a British artist widely recognized for his watercolors and satirical cartoons. Often depicting contemporary and historical culture, his works exhibit a uniqu...

CTNX 2020

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Join the international CTN community as they come together during Animation Week live from the Animation Capital of the World, Burbank CA.    Originally recorded Nov 16-22, 20...

CTNX Vlogs

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The catalyst for talent and the annual meeting of the Creative Talent Network membership is open to the public.  CTN is located in Burbank CA, the only city on the planet with more animation s...