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VR and Augmented Reality Panel


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Take a look behind the scenes into the creative developments and technologies used to created alternate realities, both virtual and augmented....

Artist Interview with Shiyoon Kim

Bobby Chiu

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Shiyoon Kim is a talented character designer from Disney, who has worked on films such as Tangled, Frozen, Feast, Big Hero 6, Zootopia and many more!  In this interview, Shiyoon describes ...

Tonko School House #06 Robert Kondo's Painting Demo

Tonko House

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Robert Kondo's speed painting #4 to celebrate Tonko House's presence at CTN-X Animation Expo 2014. ...

CTN Talks with
Jake Parker and John Nevarez


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A CTN booth interview with Jake Parker and John Nevarez...

Cartoon Network Studios Artist's program - From Shorts to Series


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Get an inside look at Cartoon Network Studios’ award-winning Artists Program, and hear from an array of currently participating artists about their experiences in the program and their unique...

Coffee Talk: A Tribute to the Late Robin Williams


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A tribute to the late Robin Williams from the animation directors and supervising animators who worked with him. Film footage and stories of working with the late Robin Williams who brought so many...

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Let ideas be your roadmap. ...

Syd Mead

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Sydney Jay Mead (July 18, 1933 – December 30, 2019) was an American industrial designer and neofuturistic concept artist, widely known for his designs for science-fiction films such as Blade ...

Cartoon Crash Course

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 Hosted by Nico Colaleo   Beginning May 27th 2020, Nico Colaleo (creator of Ollie & Scoops, and Too Loud on DreamWorksTV) started a brand new l...

T.V. Storyboard Survival

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  Dive into the nitty gritty with storyboarding for TV.  This two hour lecture will provide you with specific entry level job advice and insight into what the industry is really ...

Breaking Through

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BRIAN MAINOLFI has been working in Hollywood for 28 years, for nearly every studio in town. He started as assistant to legendary director Chuck Jones, and has worked at Walt Disney, Dreamworks, and...

Taught By A Pro

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Taught By A Pro (.com) presents the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast.   Hosted by twin brothers, Tom and Tony Bancroft, who are former Disney animators and directors, this podcast is ch...